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In this tutorial, we would like to introduce Angular 2 to Blaze developers.

We will start with a brief about Angular 2 and it's architecture and then we could get a better understanding about the similarities and differences between this two platforms.

We will also show how to run Blaze application with Angular 2, and how to migrate step-by-step each component.

Reasons to migrate

  • Blaze no longer maintained and developed (Since Meteor 1.2).
  • Angular 2 provides more than UI templating and utils - you also get better architecture of the project.
  • Angular 2 support a lot of features that missing in Blaze and you need to get from external packages (such as routing, i18n).
  • Angular 2 supports server side rendering.

What you need to know?

In this tutorial, we will migrate from ES2016 to TypeScript which has a better experience when developing Angular 2 application, so we recommend to go through TypeScript documentation.

We also recommend to start this tutorial after a you wen't through the Angular 2 tutorial and documentation.