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Next Steps

Note: If you skipped ahead to this section, click here to download a zip of the tutorial at this point.

So what's next? there are several this we removed or did not migrate at this tutorial - because we want to keep in simple and focus on the important difference between Angular 2 and Blaze.


In the Todos, there is support for i18n using Meteor package that provides helpers for Blaze Templates so we was not able to use it

Angular 2 still does not provide builtin solution for i18n, but you can use external packages such as ng2-translate.

Unit Tests

If you wish to test you Components as standalone - you can use the recommendation of Angular 2 for unit tests, which can be found here.

If you with to test you Angular 2 code with your Meteor code, you can use any testing framework for Meteor, we recommend Mocha using practicalmeteor:mocha package, if you wish to see an example for Angular 2 Component tests, you can look at Angular2-Meteor tests files.


In the Todos app, they used momentum package to create Animations such as fade when loading the main page.

The solution for Angular 2 animations is built-in support for animations, you can read about it here.