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Angular-Meteor Manifesto

Don’t choose one solution

We created this library so you can use both Blaze and AngularJS in the same application and even on the same page, template or directive.

  • You can start with AngularJS and migrate your application slowly to Blaze.
  • You can start using Blaze and move slowly to AngularJS.
  • You can use both of them together forever.

A combined power

Use libraries, packages and solutions from both communities.


We are here to give neutral perspective on the two frameworks.

Why use AngularJS on top of Meteor

  • MVC and MVVM structure on the client
  • Use existing applications
  • Ecosystem and community
  • Easy entrance to Meteor
  • Angular 2.0

Why use Meteor with AngularJS

  • Best real time backend for AngularJS
  • Super easy, Real-time integration with the database
  • Full stack and open source
  • Great Cordova integration
  • Easy deployment