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Angular 2 compilers for Meteor

angular2-compilers package is a part of angular2-meteor, and installed via Atmosphere.

The Angular2-Meteor boilerplate comes with the up-to-date compilers package.

The compilers package contains the following:

  • TypeScript compiler with caching support and ready-to-use configuration for Meteor
  • HTML template compiler
  • Stylesheets compilers (CSS, LESS, SASS)

Getting Started

In order to install the compilers, start by running:

$ meteor add anuglar2-compilers

Now you'll be able to use your HTML files as Angular 2 Component's template, and bundle stylesheets files into you Component.

Example for usage in Angular 2 Component:

import template from './my-component.html';
import style from './my-component.scss';

  selector: 'my-component',
  template: template,
  styles: [ style ]
class MyComponent {
  constructor() {


Usage with Blaze

The compilers package is also available for project that migrating from Blaze and want to replace the Blaze code step-by-step.

To install with blaze:

$ meteor add angular2-with-blaze-compilers

And use .ng2.html extensions for your Angular 2 template files (note that inside the Component, import the file with regular .html extension).

Make sure to remove any stylesheet processor you have (such as LESS / SASS), because the compilers package comes with a built-in support for those.

For more information regarding Blaze migration to Angular 2, refer to Blaze to Angular 2 Migration Tutorial.

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